Health and Nutrition

Health & Nutritions

Health statistics of the world continue to be poor, the health status and access to health for the poor in urban slum dwellers has surfaced to be equally deplorable. Despite accounting for 1/4th of the country’s poor population, urban areas have less than 4% of government primary health care facilities.

The most damaging effects of malnutrition occur during pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life. These damages are irreversible; hence dealing with malnutrition in the first two years is crucially important. Through its projects, we seek to address the causes of malnutrition with a special focus on children below 6 years, pregnant women and mothers with specific interventions for each targeted group.

Area We Work

  • Child Survival
  • Newborn Health
  • Nutrition
  • Maternal Health


Focus on Nutritions

  • Improving access and utilisation of healthcare services to all families, especially pregnant women.
  •  Improving the knowledge and practices of families on appropriate child care, nutrition and seeking care.
  •  Improving investment in nutritious food through economic development activities and food security programmes.
Save Children From Hunger

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Even today, almost 5 lakh children die before their first birthday. Every 20 seconds, a child under five years of age dies. And most of these deaths occur due to preventable and treatable causes such as diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition.