The world is seamlessly rising at a pace empowering the technology for the future perspectives but still lacking to bridge the gap for the basic needs of children from underprivileged families to encompass the growth of future generations which includes education, health, protection, freedom, and others. UNICEF, on the other hand, supports the government to strengthen child protection. The title “Child Protection” came into existence when UNICEF refer it to preventing and responding to exploitation, violence, and neglect of mostly underprivileged children. Many rights of the children signifying formed for the protection of a child – including trafficking, child labor, commercial sexual executions, and harmful traditional practices, like child marriage and female genital mutilation. According to Article 19 – The convention of the rights of the child (1989) drafted the fundamental rights of the children further described into two optional protocols, one represents the sale of children, child prostitution, and pornography, besides second depicts the involvement of children in armed conflicts. There are around eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) consolidated to eradicate the extreme poverty.

A strong need to build a protective surrounding for children to initiate the prevention of child abuse and other essential components to protect the rights of the children. We at Amiga Foundation, expanding children’s life skills, knowledge, and participation with reverence to the scope of the communities. We are also determining and implementing the on-going and effective monitoring, reporting, and overlooking for the better insight of services for prevention, restoration, and reintegration comprises elementary education, health, and protection.

Various strategies to protect the children rights could be practiced to promote the establishment and enforcement of adequate legislation to encourage open discussion about child protection issues which also includes media and community partners. The strategies encompass several techniques to strengthen the protective environment for the children such as International Advocacy, National Advocacy, National Development Plans, Law Based Approaches, and Community Based Approaches to entitle the mechanisms addressing to the protection of the rights of the children.